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To aid the visitor interested in pre-Columbian art in general and Mayan art in general this index provides a helpful guide to all the other pages in the web site www.maya-art-books. Covers Mayan pyramids, temples, ballcourts, archaeology, as well as the photography and digital imaging equipment and software that facilitates research and publication on prehispanic civilizations. For additional links on Maya art and archaeology from an additional web site, check out the complete index for

We are adding new pages and new pictures of Maya art and archaeology every month (easy to do, we have 40,000 color photographs of Maya art, architecture, artifacts, and archaeology in our F.L.A.A.R. Photo Archive). New pages are indicated in color; edited changes in red.


Equipment, useful for offices, museums, academic departments, and especially for art historians, architects, archaeologists and anthropologists.



Recommended outside links (in preparation)
comprehensive directory of all Maya vase rollouts on all F.L.A.A.R. sites
Maya archaeology directory (index of the entire web site
digital imaging, introduction, software reviews, recommendations of useful equipment for
desktop publishing (how best to print your reports, class notes, publish in your own office)





wide format digital photo printers: for Maya art and archaeology
exciting new way to enlarge photographs of Maya art, Maya textiles
enlargements of Maya vase rollouts
beautiful photographs of ancient Maya musical instruments (flutes and ocarinas) as attractive posters using large format digital printers
new headquarters for F.L.A.A.R. Digital Imaging Technology Center in Guatemala
posters of 5th century Teotihuacan-Tiquisate female figurines to announce new museum