How to handle storing X-thousand 6x6 cm Hasselblad Transparencies


6x6 slides
6x6 slides
Gepe slide box
Gepe slide boxes
Gepe slide boxes
Gepe slide boxes

2 1/4 x 2 1/4 medium format slides need to be mounted in glass to survive use in slide projectors.

6x6 cm slides offer a dynamic color image that is countless times brighter and clearer than a mere 35mm slide. Hasselblad, Rollei, and other companies make slide projectors for this larger format.

When we take photographs of M aya art, we take one original for the archive (for dead storage so to speak) and an extra original to use as a projection slide.

Gepe is not only the leader in glass mounts for 6x6 transparencies, they are really the only manufacturer that is available from all the major photo catalog stores.

Since we are rather cheap, we store the slides back in the original boxes.

One source of general negative storage media is Nast Industries.

Museums, photography departments, and larger archives tend to go to Light Impressions.

The larger format of slide offered by Hasselblad format means that the slide lectures will be noticeably superior to anything possible with 35mm.

Audiences really appreciate the improvement.

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