As part of its deducation to education, FLAAR. has prepared several glossaries: on Maya architectural terms in Spanish, German, and English, and now on Maya iconography. This glossary on Maya iconography is part of Nicholas Hellmuth's forthcoming book on 800 years of Maya ceramic art.



This glossary is being expanded to cover a wider range of Maya pottery which is discussed in Professor Hellmuth's various lectures and courses, based on a series of lectures he delivered at the Museo Popol Vuh, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, in 1997.


This glossary should be ready towards the end of this year or early in 2000. The best way to insure getting a copy is to e-mail us later this year, [email protected]

In the meantime, several good glossaries of pre-Columbian art are available now. One is by Mary Miller and Karl Taube (Thames and Hudson). You can get this book at any store in your local area. The main difference is that the FLAAR. glossary has all the new material available from the Hellmuth rollout photographs taken recently plus access to the scenes on pottery from unpublished photographs in the FLAAR. Photo Archive.


The new FLAAR. glossary will be posted on the pages of this site, The actual hard copy can then be ordered from the Art & Archaeology Book Service.



New page format posted November 17, 2009