Hotel El Sombrero


Hotel El SombreroOnly one hotel is available at Yaxha. This hotel is operated by the wife of the owner of the ranch along the south side of Yaxha, the side that did not become part of the National Park (which protects the north side of Yaxha and most of adjacent Lake Sacnab).


The El Sombrero is pleasant. It has cabins backed by the forest. A kitchen and restaurant is available and is increasingly popular now that the highway is paved from Flores to the turnoff to Yaxha.







Hotel El Sombrero

You can camp here as well (or camp in the facilities on the other side of the lake, below the ruins).


Nearby are the ruins of Yaxha and Topoxte Island. In the dry season you can reach Nakum by road (or ride a horse when the jeep trail is too swampy even for 4-wheel drive).

Tel: (502) 7861-1687, Fax: (502) 7861-1688.











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