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To the Maya archaeology ruins of Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, etc.

Since F.L.A.A.R. has published best-selling guidebooks to the Maya ruins of Guatemala it is a natural evolution to provide travel information on our Web site. You can order our guidebook to Maya archaeology of Tikal and Copan from our book service (e-mail [email protected]):



(Guatemala): Hotel Santo Tomas, one of the great colonial style hotels of Central America I have stayed here countless times yet I always enjoy returning. Great place for the weekend; romantic place to take your spouse.



(Peten, Guatemala): Hotel Isla de Flores, reservations: 011 (502) 2476 8775



(Peten, Guatemala): Posada de la Selva (Jungle Lodge), Tel (502) 2476-8775, fax 2476-0294, E-mail: [email protected].



is located on the campus of the Universidad Francisco Marroquin, next to the Museo Ixchel de Textiles.



(Peten, Guatemala), Posada and Restaurant "Campamento El Chiclero," with small museum of Maya bowls and plates. Great place if you want to experience frontier living in a typical old fashioned jungle settlement. The ruins of Uaxactun are worth the visit, and this museum is frosting on the cake. Be sure to make a donation, as this encourages them to expand the museum.



(Lake Yaxha, Peten, Guatemala): [Hotel] Campamento El Sombrero, rustic and recommended. Tel: (502) 7861-1687, Fax: (502) 7861-1688. Hotel is owned and operated by Juan Jose and Gabriella De La Hoz, people I have known and respected for over twenty five years.



(Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico). This museum houses monumental Olmec sculpture, Maya stelae, Maya pottery, plus an assortment of pre-Columbian art from throughout Mexico. Most people en route to Palenque fly through the Villahermosa airport and forget to come to this Villahermosa museum, located in the CICOM cultural complex, directly on the banks of the Grijalva River. We recommend you make time in your vacation to visit this museum, as well as the "Parque La Venta" Olmec sculpture park elsewhere in the city. Although there are many hotels in the city I tend to stay in the Hotel Graham Suites, on the shores of one of the many lakes. Last time I visited here my girlfriend and I got a chance to see an immense crocodile majestically swimming by, something I have otherwise seen only in movies. Mexico is a living adventure, but you have to come down and visit here to experience the country and its people.



(Campeche, Mexico): El Mirador Maya, rustic hotel and restaurant in the heart of the Rio Bec area, Tel. (983)  871-6005.



(Honduras): F.L.A.A.R. has the largest photo archive of this museum outside of Honduras. Many tourists who visit Copan ruins are so impressed by the new sculpture museum that they forget about the older museum 2 miles away in the town. Be sure to see both museums, after all, you have come a long way just to get to Honduras.

(Photograph by Nicholas Hellmuth, F.L.A.A.R. Photo Archive, photographed with permission from IHAH; may not be copied and especially not used on Web sites without specific permission of IHAH as well as permission for use of the image itself.)



Fly from Guatemala-City to the new airport just on the Guatemalan side of the border, just 20 minutes from the ruins of Copan. Jungle Flying, Ave Hincapie 18 Calle, Hanger F-1, Zona 13, Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America, Tel 2360-4917, Fax 2331-4995, Email:[email protected] . Jungle Flying also have charter flights to Tikal and to the new international airport just finished at Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.

Tunkul bar and restaurant, down the street from the post office (leave the park at the corner where the museum is, walk down about 3 blocks, restaurant is on the left). This lively establishment has good food (large servings) and is popular with all ages and all backgrounds. Great place for meeting and greeting people from all over the world, as well as local Copanecos. Nearby is Ixbalanque Spanish language school, capably run by the wife of one of the co-owners of Tunkul. Phone (504) 651-4432, fax (504) 651-4432, email: [email protected]. Tour service also available.



: private driver and vehicle for tours and trips, highly recommended by F.L.A.A.R. and by Nicholas Hellmuth: Mr Darrel Rivers, tel 73624. Mr Rivers can often be found at his cab stand by the Fort George Hotel. He can take you south to Punta Gorda, to Caracol ruins, to Altun Ha ruins, or anywhere in the country. His home is at17 Raccoon St., Belize City, Belize, Central America.



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