F.L.A.A.R. organizes field trips to photograph bromeliads, orchids, other tropical flowers, butterflies, birds, animals, and landscape. We have also led underwater photography expeditions.


These trips are private; schedule is open; if you want to have your own private archaeologist/naturalist/photographer with you, just send a down payment deposit of $1000 and we will work out a schedule to mutual satisfaction. Trip cost depends on destination, time of year, number of family/friends you wish to bring along (of course you can take the trip on your own, totally privately), and whether you wish to travel by land or air while in the country(ies) you would like to visit.


We can arrange charter helicopter, charter airplane, 4-wheel-drive, etc.


E-mail is the easiest way to make initial contact. Please realize that our staff is often away on research and we may not necessarily always be able to answer immediately. [email protected]


Heliconia species photographed in southern Belize, near the ruins of Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun. Photographed while on a field trip organized by FLAAR



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