jpeg of superbase Superbase is one of those little known companies that makes a marvelous product which most people have never heard of. In the last seven years I have seen their name mentioned in a computer magazine review only once. I myself would never have known of the quality of this data base product without word-of-mouth information from photographer Justin Kerr. He selected Superbase as ideal for cataloging his huge archive of pictures. This selection was after considerable review of the other products available at that time. Based on his recommendation I immediatly ordered Superbase 95 at that time.


The current name seems to be Superbase v 3.2, with no "95," since that designation was before the explosion of the Internet technology. This data base for cataloging photographic images works only in Windows operating system Superbase has changed ownership and now has additional products such as Superbase Internet Server, V 1.1. We will be reviewing these products and reporting on them subsequently. In the meantime we can say that the software has a solid reputation for usability.



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