Futura Laser Paper


Additional laser printer reviews. Now that desktop laser printers can produce such stunning quality, the next step is to figure out what paper to use. The F.L.A.A.R. test labs have been busy for over two months testing paper with several laser printers. Here are the results. We hope our tests save you time and money in reaching a decision on what paper to order. Test results and reviews of laser printers can be found on a new site, www.laser-printer-reviews.org.



Here are the pictures of Maya art where the choice of paper results in making the best impression


used a Lexmark Optra N monochrome laser printer and Macintosh computer for the tests. Photographs are from either a Hasselblad, Leica, or large format Dicomed-Better Light digital system with Schneider lens.


In every case so far Futura Laser paper has won the "touch test." We give people a bunch of prints and let them look at them, and naturally, feel them. Futura Laser wins the touch test every time. It is the surface that people like, plus the fact that the paper has a substantial weight. The surface finish and weight means people judge it to be a premium paper.



In Europe we recently found an impressive French paper with a laser-surface that is as good as anything we have yet found in the USA. As soon as we can get samples we will review this paper and show results on this web site.


Futura Laser paper is acid free and therefore of archival quality. A nice concept to reproduce sculpture which is already over 1000 years old.

Since most people see only copier paper, they can immediately notice the difference when you give them something printed on Futura Laser. People realize that the author or artist has made a special effort to track down a really good paper.


The original tests were made on 11 x 17 inch paper in our office in Florida. We are moving to St Louis and will have photos of our new test center shortly.



For 1999 we are testing a QMS 2060 FX laser printer which can go up to 13 x 26 inches at 1200 dpi. We loaded it up with extra RAM to handle this larger page size. We are doing these tests at our European office, in Essen, northwestern Germany. Futura Laser comes in 12 x 18 inch size which is effectively full bleed tabloid (11.7 x 17.7 inches). We also look forward to testing their new blue-white paper Productolith in 12 3/8 x 18 3/8 inch size.


So if you want to let people know you care about them enough to select a sophisticated paper, then you have a head start. Futura Laser is made by Consolidated and is available from Unisource nationwide.


While on the subject of laser printing, you ought to check out the bible on this subject, "Laser Printer Secrets" by Steven Burrows, www.flashweb.com




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