Instead of sending your images outside to a copy shop, you ought to obtain a wide format printer and install it in your own office. One university wrote us saying they spent up to $5,000 per visit to Kinkos to have all their signs and banners printed. It is so much more cost effective if you have a large format printer in your own museum or on your own campus.


Colorful images of Maya sculpture from Honduras demonstrate the many benefits of having a wide format color printer in your own office-no need to send out to a service bureau.

Since many people are interested in Mayan astrology and archaeoastronomy, color posters of this quality are highly desired.


Professor Hellmuth is often called upon to do specialized photography for archaeology projects in Mesoamerica. Several years ago he was asked by Mexican archaeologists to photograph all the 5th century jade mosaic masks from Calakmul. The archaeologists wanted 8x10 chromes and F.L.A.A.R. is the only institute working in Mesoamerica which uses an 8x10 camera in the field.

Since F.L.A.A.R. is non-profit, this professional photography is done for the local archaeological institutes in Central America at no charge.


Archaeologist Nicholas Hellmuth admires two enlargements of monumental sculpture from the Maya ruins of Copan, Honduras. Both these enlargements were shipped to Honduras for the Instituto de Antropologia e Historia.

At the bottom is a rollout of a vase from the Museo Popol Vuh which Nicholas and F.L.A.A.R. are donating to the museum in Guatemala City. This tableau shows two naked women dressing (or undressing?) the youthful Maize God. To the right the Paddler Gods assist the Maize God across the Surface of the Underwaterworld. The first publication of this vase was in 1978, as the frontispiece to Hellmuth's popular book "Tikal Copan," still available from the Art & Archaeology Book Service (of F.L.A.A.R.).


F.L.A.A.R. does the best it can to assist institutions throughout the Maya area in photography and digital imaging. In 1997 Dr Hellmuth donated two complete digital imaging computer systems, scanners, and two printers to IDAEH, the Guatemalan government archaeology institute. We provided training in digital imaging to IDAEH personnel in our office in Florida.


These color prints take about 5 minutes each to print. Doesn't it make more sense to have your own color printer in your own office. Or, if you are in a museum or at a college or university, it would make more sense if your copy shop or repro department had a wide format printer. You can send your images over the network directly into the printer RIP. The pictures here are 300 dpi. You can get higher dpi with other Encad printers, or with Mutoh brand (Falcon). If your budget is not yet ready for full color at this size, you can get 35 inch size in black-and-white from Xante.



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