Here are links to the key content of, namely Maya art, archaeology, and architecture coupled with reviews of photography and digital imaging equipment recommended for museums, institutes, and expeditions.

During 1999 and 2000 we completed a more comprehensive directory of the content of this large site.

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 Maya Skull with link

Dr.Nicholas Hellmuth, (82k)


QuickTime VR , animations, and QTVR Object from Popol Vuh! (7.7K)

Ballplayer Statue ( small, 797K) or large (1.6M )

QuickTime promo for Maya Symposium (1.8M)

Tikal QuickTime VR movie (299.1K)

GIF animation of a burning Mayan Skull (737.2K)

KAIDAN Magellan 1000 Object Rig.

KAIDAN's QuickTime VR Products .

Photos (229k)

Recommended Imaging Equipment (46K)

Traveling Photo exhibit

Art & Archaeology Book Service on Olmec, Aztec, Maya. (84k)

F.L.A.A.R. Book List (117k)

F.L.A.R.R. Book Directory (783 b)

Information for Volunteers (21.9k)

Travel information (56.6k) for Guatemala, (12.7k) Honduras, and Belize .

International Photographic Archive (96.6k)of Maya Art (17.7k)

How you can assist archaeologists (22k)

Tomb of the Jade Jaguar, Tikal (92k)

Sacred sports of the Ancient Maya. (49.9k)

Symposium (25.3K) of MAYA Art and Archaeology.

Additional information(95K) about the Maya symposium


Schedule of Maya Symposium events (13.5K)

three more rollouts of polychrome Maya vases

How rollout photographs are created (35k)

Online feedback form.

Tips (4.1k)

Information (2.8k) about this site

Photography equipment

List of credits

Maya Art


several pictures of the Maya Jaguar God of the Underworld

Pellicer Museum, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

Hotel Cortijo Reforma, Guatemala City

Selection Suggestions for Dye Sub printers

Which tripod?

Necessary add-on gizmos


Ken-Lab Gyroscopic stabilizer

Rodenstock - Lenses

Sinar Bron




Gruppo Manfrotto


Created on the Mac OS using a PowerMacintosh 8500 ,

PowerComputing PowerTower Pro 225,

UMAX scanner,

Polaroid SprintScan and Power Macintosh 6100. Software includes

circumferential rollout photographs of Maya art

color posters of Maya sculpture at Copan

Adobe PageMill , SiteMill , Photoshop, and After Effects .

Also MetaTools KPT3, and Final Effects.

Apple QuickTime2.5.

Site maintained with Fetch,

Adobe SiteMill and Power Macintosh 8500/120 .

QuickTime 1.1 Plug-in - Configuring Your Browser

Hotel Santo Tomas, Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Hotel Isla de Flores, Lake Peten Itza, Guatemala

TIKAL Maya ruins, Guatemala

Maya pottery

Bayman Bay Club diving resort, Honduras

Large format camera

Other recommended photography equipment

Aerial photography

Hasselblad System

Recommended Lenses for large format cameras

Flatbed Scanner

High End Digital Cameras

A Lifetime of Photography with Leica

aerial views of Tikal(76.7k)

Andrea David, co-Director

exotic tropical flora


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