QuickTime VR Panorama of Tikal


This was the photographer's first use of the panorama camera and possibly the web designer's first use of QTVR software. Now both of us have done countless full 360 pano shots and can handle QTVR views more professionally. Unfortunately, JEPG sort of demolished the quality inherent in the $36,000 Swiss-made computer controlled panorama.


You will need a QuickTime enabled browser or the QuickTime plug in to view this movie. You can move around by clicking and holding down the mouse in the picture. You can also zoom in and out by pressing the control and option keys (MAC) or control and alt keys (Windows). One view is from above looking down and the other is from the main plaza. The image was compressed using the Cinepack CODEC and should look OK even if you only have 256 colors available on your monitor. Windows users may want to bring up your brightness while viewing this file if it seems too dark. You can view a jpeg of the entire movie(9.9.k) if you can't view the QTVR movie.


File size:296k


New page format posted November 18, 2009