Having lived and traveled in Guatemala for several decades I felt it would be useful for other travelers if I recommended what are the better hotels in the Peten area of Guatemala that serve the Tikal National Park, such as hotels in Flores, Santa Elena (Sta. Elena), San Benito, and in Tikal itself.


At present we review the Posada de la Selva in Tikal (Jungle Lodge, Parque Nacional Tikal, Guatemala). It is always nice to have resident owner-operators, in this vase the family of Antonio Ortiz and Sons. They also own the Isla de Flores hotel on the island of Flores itself. We will show pictures of this hotel, and more of the Jungle Lodge, by early next year.


If you need a more economical place to stay, try the Jaguar Inn, either the one in Tikal itself or the branch in Santa Elena. The owner, the family of Edmundo Solis, have built these two hotels themselves.


Shortly we will review the Hotel Maya International, on the shores of Lake Peten Itza. This is within walking distance of the airport in Santa Elena which serves the Flores-Tikal area. Then there is also the Villa Maya. The Villa Maya is on a private lake a few miles from the airport in the direction of Tikal.



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