Comprehensive directory of all Maya vase rollouts of Tepeu 1, Tepeu 2 vases and bowls as well as pottery from the Motagua valley; rollouts pictured on, www., and Most of these rollouts are digital rollouts, taken with a large format digital camera. This list also includes regular photographs of Maya pottery in addition to rollouts.


Maya polychrome ceramics

- impressive detail of incised Maya vase, scan from 4x5 large format chrome

- Protoclassic tetrapod with lid, Museo Popol Vuh

Maya vase rollouts

- 14 foot long rollout from70 mm rollout camera

- batch of Maya vase rollouts on QMS printer

- Late Classic/Post Classic Tiquisate vase rollout


Maya iconography (see also "Maya vase rollouts")

- Feline spots on Maya bowl, Alps dye sublimation color printer

Maya vase rollouts

- Encad printer printing throne scene rollout in office.

- giant Tiquisate Curly Face, shows turntable and equipment, Museo Popol Vuh

- gateway, Tiquisate ballplayer decapitation tripod vase with turntable

- Late Classic/Post Classic Tiquisate rollout with Encad and Copan bat in background

- studio setup for turntable photography, Linhof, Dicomed, Mac PowerBook, Ries tripods

- Museo Popol Vuh, toothy bird rollout

- Videssence lighting, studio setup, Museo Popol Vuh, Tiquisate incensario in foreground

- complete studio, both Seitz and Better Light rollout systems, Museo Popol Vuh

- rollout turntable, closeup, with better view of Tiquisate decapitation cylindrical tripod


Maya vase rollouts

- instruction course on how to do rollout photography

- Belgian rollout camera, 70 mm film, closeup of incised bowl

- Castillo Bowl, 14 foot long rollout; detail of one of the figures, bat-man

- Curly Face pot, on the turntable, with the rollout equipment in position

- two panels from a Tiquisate cylindrical tripod showing Curly Face (closeup detail)

- black-and-white rollouts from Lexmark laser printer (same image but larger)

- detail of rollout of Red Band Tepeu 1 bowl

- close-up detail of anthropomorphic flower (unpublished elsewhere)

- Hun Hunahpu's head on gourd tree (here generally considered a cacao tree)

- rollout of a Codex Style pot (unpublished elsewhere)

- rollout of the Paddler Gods, Museo Popol Vuh (lowest of three images in picture)

- rollouts of two different Maya vases each with a different form of the Mat motif

- rollouts of two different vases which picture females, women in Maya art

- various rollouts of Maya vases including one from Museo Popol Vuh

- wide format ink jet prints of Maya rollouts




Maya vase rollouts

- rollouts index, alphabetical

- Chama, low Chama bowl with feline fur pattern and hieroglyph

- several Maya vase rollouts with the F.L.A.A.R. 70 mm film system made in Belgium

- Holmul Dancer vase, rollout of one panel, Museo Popol Vuh

- history of the development of rollout cameras (first one was made in the 19th century, at the British Museum, to photograph Greek vases!)

- rollouts illustrating symposium schedule

- Tepeu 1, dancing wayob (naguals, alter ego animal spirit companions)

- more schedule, with rollout photographs of polychrome Maya vases

- rollout of repeated hieroglyphs of a Middle Motagua vase


Maya vase rollouts printed on large format printer (black feather variant x-ray headdress)

- Rollout of throne scene, closeup of enthroned king, closeup of Maya attendant

- Rollout of Codex Style vase (complete rollout)


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