What Flatbed Scanner is Best?


I started out with a Microtek ScanMaker 600Z six years ago. It still works flawlessly and we are now packing it to send down to Guatemala so archaeologists there can scan their material. We will shortly be packing up our UMAX Powerlook to donate to Guatemala as well. Next in line is Honduras. Since people donate equipment to F.L.A.A.R. we feel we should share it with our colleagues in Central America since they have helped us in our research for several decades.


The UMAX Powerlook is great. We got the model I just as the Powerlook II was coming on the market. The college professors in the photography and desktop publishing areas were so impressed with the UMAX that they ordered one for the school as well (a Powerlook II).


We tried out a UMAX 2000, but it did not give us 200% better quality (it cost over $4000) so we returned it. The machine was certainly not bad, maybe it was that the Powerlook (which cost less than half that) was so good.


We subsequently purchased a UMAX PowerLook III (when the price dropped; then the price dropped again). We review this on www.cameras-scanners-flaar.org.


As we got deeper into testing flatbed scanners, Heidelberg CPS (the German parent of LinoColor CPS in America) sent us their Linotype Hell Saphir Ultra2 flatbed to review. We review this on www.cameras-scanners-flaar.org and also on www.flatbed-scanner-review.org. We like the Linotype-Hell scanner very well.


Where do we buy our scanning equipment and other hardware and software?

We highly recommend QmaxDigital, www.QmaxDigital.com, e-mail (for laser printers and Umax slide scanners ) [email protected].



New page format posted November 17, 2009