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The long range goal of this Maya Home Page is to facilitate access to scholarly information about Maya daily life 1000 years ago in Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, and Honduras. We aspire to fulfill this challenge through utilizing the potential of extensive photographic recording of the facts and artifacts of ancient civilizations of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. As you read these pages we are adding new photographs to update this Web site. We are working to make this Web site a visual experience for you.

The rise and fall of Maya civilization offers an intellectual adventure into the world of archaeology. Facts and artifacts from scientific research can be as exciting as your mind allows. The ancient murals, sculptures, and painted vases of the Classic Maya reveal an eye-witness window onto awsome ceremonies and bizarre rituals. Let us prepare you to experience 6th century Tikal, 8th century Palenque, 9th century Chichen Itza, or 12th century Tulum, to witness reality more exotic and exciting than any Hollywood fantasy. Let your intellectual curiosity take you back in time, deep into the rain forests of Central America, to meet the Maya face to face.

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