Hotel Casa Santo Domingo


Hotel Casa Santo DomingoA wonderful hotel in Antigua, Guatemala is becoming much better known. This is the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, near the entrance to the town from Guatemala City. Considering that Antigua was the Spanish colonial capital of Guatemala it is nice, at last, to have a large 5-star hotel that is truly in authentic Spanish colonial style (as opposed to 1950's style or modern restort style, both of which are inappropriate for Antigua).


For decades the hacienda hotels in Mexico had no equal in Central America. These Spanish colonial hotels were luxurious, exclusive, and offered a retreat for the upper class of Latin America.

For years the best hacienda-style hotels were around Mexico City, Cuernavaca, or to the north and west. These tend to be large establishments since land is abundant in those areas (at least in the colonial period).


Hotel Casa Santo DomingoSeveral years ago an ambitious program of hacienda hotels developed for Yucatan. Several hotel companies turned the great abandoned haciendas of the peninsula into fine hotels.

Since space is at a premium in Antigua, no comparable hotel existed until now.

Now people who visit Guatemala can experience the luxury of the Spanish colonial epoch at the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo. This hotel offers peace and quiet in a Spanish colonial atmosphere.

I have visited this hotel on earlier occasions and Andrea and I spent eight pleasant days as guest of the owner. Our extensive report will appear every other month (with new pages and new pictures).



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