If you want to produce nice images, select a quality media to print on.

Our test center sought out the four or five leading providers of ink-jet media for review. Where possible we met the people at these companies so we could know the people behind the product. This page reviews photographic media for ENCAD and other wide-format printers from Rexam Graphics, one of the top five providers.

The media just arrived this week in our test center and we will post the results shortly. We use ENCAD GA inks in all our tests.

We visited the Rexam Graphics booth at several trade shows in the last several months. It makes a difference to deal with a substantial company who has been around, and will stand the test of time.

Rexam Graphics, 1 800-628-8604, outside USA call (770) 980-7120, www.rexamgraphics.com.

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text by Nicholas Hellmuth, Director, F.L.A.A.R. Digital Imaging Technology Center

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