I have stayed at Tikal's Posada de la Selva over a dozen times over the past 34 years. Overnighting in the middle of the Tikal ruins with wild animals, birds, and exotic tropical flowers all around you is a worthwhile experience.

If you want a slick European hotel, consider a vacation in Switzerland. If you want to experience Latin America, the tropics, and the pleasant people of Guatemala, come to the Jungle Lodge. This hotel is maintained by Tono Ortiz and family. His wife designed the beautiful garden, and of course the natural rain forest is all around you.

We have a series of snapshots to show you some general views. Accomodations vary considerably, from one dormatory-like structure to private bungalows with private shower.

Posada de la Selva, Tikal, Peten, Guatemala, Jungle Lodge hotel

view of the picturesque thatch roofed dining room area | another view of the hotel bungalows

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