Review and comments on Hotel Ecologico Cabañas del Lago, El Estor, Izabal, Guatemala


We recently spent the night at the Hotel Ecologico Cabañas del Lago, in the town of El Estor, Departamento of Izabal, Guatemala, Central America. This review has our comments and description of what we found at this hotel.



Friendly hotel staff at Hotel Ecologico Cabañas del Lago

By coincidence it turned out that the hotel owner was a classmate of one of our plant consultants. So we met him, his wife, and children. In other words, this is a family owned and operated hotel.


There is plenty of parking space and each bungalow seems to have two sets of rooms (one on each side).


Quiet and peaceful location



The hotel is located on the shores of Lake Izabal, on the edge of El Estor (so you are not in the middle of traffic noise of the town). Best to use GPS to reach the hotel, or get on the phone and have them talk you through the turns in the town.


Restaurant which serves more than huevos al gusto



In 90% of the hotels in aldeas and small towns, the breakfast, lunch, AND dinner menu is “eggs any style.” At Hotel Ecologico Cabañas del Lago there is a real restaurant with an actual mention of lunch and dinner (in addition to breakfast).


Good place to experience black howler monkeys: Hotel Ecologico Cabañas del Lago


Several friendly black howler monkeys live in the trees within the grounds of the hotel. These are not house pets, they are totally wild (so no cage). But the day we checked in two of the monkeys were directly overhead, munching on leaves.


Howler monkeys eat leaves and fruit and flowers of local trees.


If you wish to photograph these monkeys, best with a 200mm or 300mm telephoto lens.



Contact information for Hotel Ecologico Cabañas del Lago


Tel. 1: 4037-6235
Tel. 2: 5696-1875
Tel. 3: 5597-6191

(if calling from another country, area code and city code together is 502).


This is an email link:


We were content with our stay at this pleasant hotel. So the next time you visit this part of Guatemala, considering experiencing the Hotel Ecologico Cabañas del Lago.


First posted December 22, 2015