El Tajin


PASCUAL SOTO, Arturo, Iconografia arqueologica de El Tajin (Spanish Edition) , all the great sculpture of El Tajin, including several reliefs not in Kampen's monograph, so many hundreds of illustrations we lost count, hardcover too, 324 p.


WILKERSON, S. Jeffrey, El Tajin: A guide for visitors , 79 pages, filled with color photographs, maps, line drawings of stelae, ballcourt panels. The most complete book available on El Tajin. Considering that El Tajin is crucial for understanding the ballgame, is the home for yokes, hachas, and palmas, and influenced the entire Maya area, this is an essential book for Maya iconography.




WINFIELD Capitaine, Fernando, GUIA DE MONUMENTOS DEL MUSEO DE ANTROPOLOGIA DE XALAPA, 55 p, every monument in the entire Jalapa museum is described (but not illustrated).



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