CACAXTLA, CACAXTLA: Proyecto de investigacion y conservacion. Gobierno del Estado de Tlaxcala, 1990. With articles by several archaeologists, Sergio de la V. Vergara Berdejo, Ramon Sanchez Flores, etc. The value of this book for archaeology, iconography, and art history is in the accurate line drawings, especially of the God L as merchant, Frog-Toad, Maize God, and Jaguar-Turtle, murals; 98 pages, photos (color and B+W). These particular mural segments are in no other book on Cacaxtla, and are not in the National Geographic article on Cacaxtla either. We have never seen this book offered elsewhere; it is virtually impossible to find even in the city of Tlaxcala, and was sold- out at Cacaxtla itself about three years ago. 98 p. Hence its value.


REYES-VALERIO, Constantino, DE BONAMPAK AL TEMPLO MAYOR: EL AZUL MAYA en Mesoamerica, 1993, the most complete book on "MAYA BLUE" pigment of the Bonampak and Cacaxtla murals; reveals how to make Maya Blue yourself, gives complete recipe and even pictures the whole process; all 38 professional quality photographs are in full color, 160 p., 52 drawings, 8 maps.


RUIZ, Sonia Lombardo, et al., Cacaxtla : El Lugar Donde Muere La Lluvia En La Tierra , over 1000 drawings (many in color), 240 photographs (several in color), fold out maps, fold out drawings of the entire mural sequence - the complete battle scene. It took 4 years to find these last copies. Monumental iconographic report on the Teotihuacan, Xochicalco, and Maya style murals of Cacaxtla, the most important find of the 1970's, 554 p., Hardbound.


UNAM, MEMORIAS DEL PRIMER COLOQUIO INTERNACIONAL DE MAYANISTAS, 1985. 56 maps, 242 figs, 1146 p.This is the most comprehensive set of articles on recent discoveries in Maya art, iconography, epigraphy, and archaeology to appear in recent years. Includes Tikal, Tulum, Belize, Cacaxtla, and two new sculptures just discovered at Bonampak.


(Tlaxcala), Historia y sociedad en Tlaxcala: Memorias del Primer Simposio Internacional de Investigaciones Socio-Historicas sobre Tlaxcala, octubre, 1985 (Spanish Edition) , symposium proceedings with various articles on art, archaeology, and ethnohistory of Tlaxcala, includes murals of Cacaxtla. 253 p., out of print but we have a copy,



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