A 'MINIATURE STELA' FROM TIKAL, Expedition, Vol. 4, No. 3, 1962.

GARCIA URREA, Carlos, TIKAL: EL MONUMENTAL MUNDO PERDIDO, 97 p. with illustrations of the Mundo Perdido excavations nowhere else published, a rare report you will not find elsewhere.

HARRISON, Peter, A JADE PENDANT FROM TIKAL (shows insides of royal tomb) and TIKAL: NORTH ACROPOLIS AND AN EARLY TOMB by Wm. Coe; photographs, drawings, and text provide readable description of how to find and professionally excavate a wealthy Preclassic burial. Expedition, Vol. 5, No. 2, 1963.

HELLMUTH, Nicholas, Structure 5D-73, BURIAL 196, TIKAL, PETEN, GUATEMALA, 2 volumes, spiral bound, so many hundreds of illustrations we gave up counting maps, lots of architectural drawings of the pyramid and tomb chamber, rollout drawings of all the decorated vases, complete drawings of all the plates, pictures of all the jade in situ inside the crypt. . This opus was Hellmuth's B.A. honor's thesis (awarded a Summa cum Laude at Harvard). Burial 196 ("The Tomb of the Jade Jaguar") is the third largest Late Classic burial ever found in the entire Maya lowlands. The author spent several months inside the tomb and in the lab taking copious notes, doing exquisite drawings, and taking abundant photographs, making this the most thoroughly recorded burial ever excavated in Mesoamerica.

LAPORTE, Juan Pedro & VALDES, Juan Antonio, Tikal Y Uaxactun En El Preclasico , 8 articles, includes 60 architectural drawings of locations, a chronology of the area, 30 masks, 126 p.


SERRA PUCHE, Mari Carmen and Carlos NAVARRETE C., Ensayos de alfareria prehispanica e historica de Mesoamerica: Homenaje a Eduardo Noguera Auza (Arqueologia) (Spanish Edition) , UNAM, 308 p., features the most complete presentation of Early Classic TIKAL ceramics (Juan Pedro Laporte) plus key reports on Teotihuacan and related pottery not found in any other monograph. Lots of drawings of Tikal Maya Tzakol pottery.


SHOOK, Edwin and Alfred Kidder; THE PAINTED TOMB AT TIKAL description and photographs of discovery of the only major tomb at Tikal that had murals. This is the tomb mentioned in comparison with the recently discovered Rio Azul tomb murals; in same issue, "LORDS OF THE MAYA REALM" by Tatiana PROSKOURIAKOFF, describes how she deciphered the Maya hieroglyphic inscriptions at Piedras Negras. Vol. 4, No. 1, 1961.


THE CHULTUNS OF TIKAL by Dennis Puleston together with PREHISTORIC SETTLEMENT AT TIKAL, GUATEMALA by W. Haviland. Photographs, drawings, and explanation of excavations dedicated to the daily life of the ancient Maya. Expedition, Vol. 7, No. 3, 1965.


THE FIELD LABORATORY AT TIKAL, includes photographs of tomb excavations and discoveries from the North Acropolis, Expedition, Vol. 5, No. 3, 1963.


THE SPLENDID TOMB OF TEMPLE I AT TIKAL, GUATEMALA and "NOTE ON HIEROGLYPHS ON BONE FROM THE TOMB BELOW TEMPLE I" and The Graffiti of Tikal (University Museum Monograph ; 57) , Expedition, Vol. 6, No. 1, 1963.


VALDES, Juan Antonio, Federico FAHSEN, Hector ESCOBEDO, OBRAS MAESTRAS DEL MUSEO DE TIKAL, lots of color, including polychrome plates never before published, 75 p



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