CASO, Alfonso, El Tesoro De Monte Alban. Memorias Del Instituto Nacional De Antropologia E Historia , INAH, reissue by Bancomer in FULL COLOR in 1982. The complete report on the gold Mixtec treasure of Monte Alban, 406 p. This is one of the most crucial monographs to have in your library.


CUADERNOS DE ARQUITECTURA MESOAMERICANA. Número 7. Abril 1986. Cover Title. Arquitectura de Oaxaca, covers aspects of Zapotec and Mixtec architecture that are not published anywhere else, 96 p.,

GARCIA MOLL, Roberto (coordinator), El Mundo Mixteco y Zapoteco , 1992, only the subsidy of a major Mexican bank could result in such an impressive coffee table book, possibly the best book yet produced on the archaeology of Oaxaca. Out of print - we got the last five copies from buying out the publisher's warehouse. 147 stunning color photographs of the highest quality. 195 p.


MOSER, Christopher, Nuine Writing and Iconography of the Mixteca Baja (Publications in Anthropology : No. 19) 246 p. including 76 plates,


SERRA PUCHE, Mari Carmen & Felipe SOLIS OLGUIN, Cristales y obsidiana prehispanicos (Spanish Edition) , 1994, lavish coffee table book, the largest and must luxurious ever created on obsidian and rock crystal of the OLMEC, TEOTIHUACAN, MAYA, AZTEC and MIXTEC. Includes the only photographs of mahogany-colored obdidian I have ever seen. 232 large and attractively printed pages.


TALADOIRE, Eric, LES TERRAINS DE JEU DE BALLE, 815 p, the most complete book ever written on ballcourts of Mexico (as well as of the Hohokam of Arizona); illustrates hundreds of ballcourts as well as art which depicts ancient athletes; Shows all the Aztec and Mixtec ballcourts of the codice.


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