LOWE, G., T. Lee, and E. Martinez. Izapa: An introduction to the ruins and monuments (Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation) , 349 p, hundreds of illustrations, photographs, maps and architectural drawings showing all the excavations plus stelae discovered in the last 5 years. This book is essential for understanding the Preclassic/Proto- Classic origins of the eventual Maya civilization. Suitable for the aficionado


NORMAN, V. Garth, Izapa Sculpture, Part 2: Text , 2 vols. I is album of photographs and line drawings of the stelae and altars, II includes more drawings, additional photographs, and descriptive text. Suitable for the lay reader as well as student and scholar. 360p. of text including 245 drawings and 64 plates.


SMITH, Virginia G. Izapa Relief Carving: Form, Content, Rules for Design, and Role in Mesoamerican Art History and Archaeology (Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Art and Archaeology Studies Series) (v. 27) , 103 p., with lots of illustrations including stelae from Abaj Takalik not widely published elsewhere



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