(INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF AMERICANISTS) XLI CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE AMERICANISTAS, Mexico 1974, Crammed with information (English, Spanish). Vol. I, 600 p, Vol. II, 679 p, Vol. III, 808 p, covers OLMEC, Maya, Teotihuacan, Aztec, Bilbao (Cotzumalhuapa) art, iconography, archaeology, Tikal, Monte Alban, Belize, articles by HELLMUTH, Hammond on Belize, Merle Greene Robertson on Palenque, and scores of others. Kekchi myths, ballgame goal sculptures, The following reports are all in this volume of the International Congress of Americanists, Geneva.

D. Heydon, "What is the Significance of the Mexica Pyramid"
Hasso Von Winning, Mexican Figurines Attached to Pallets and Cradles"
E. Pasztory, "The Gods of Teotihuacan"
Gordon Ekholm, "The Archaeological Significance of Mirrors in the New World"
Mary King, "A Textile Technique from Oaxaca, Mexico"
Norman Hammond, "Maya Settlement Patterns"
Lee Parsons, "Iconographic Notes on a new Izapan Stela from Abaj Takalik, Guatemala"
Sabloff and Rathje, "Changing pre-Columbian Commercial Patterns on the Island of Cozumel, Mexico"
Arthur Miller, "The Mural Painting at Tancah and in Structure 5 at Tulum: Implications of their Style and Iconography"
A. Digby, "Evidence in Mexican Glyphs and Sculpture for an unrecognized Astronomical Instrument"
F. Hochleitner, "The Correlation between the Mayan and the Julian Calendar" R. Fry, "The Archaeology of Southern Quintana Roo: Ceramics"
Peter Harrison, "The Lintels of Tzibanche, Quintana Roo"

ITO, Nabuyuki & TORRES, Miguel et al., MAYA - SPECIAL EXHIBITION, Crossroad of History and Race, a major Japanese catalog. Jade (lots, and in COLOR), obsidian, flint, highland, lowland, mushroom stones, Preclassic stone, plumbate, ballplayer figures & yokes, Tiquisate, highland Maya textiles, (mostly loans from Guatemala, but a considerable number of items nowhere else published). 200p. 126 illustrations of textiles and ethnographic subjects plus 251 illustrations of ancient art (mostly in color). This is one of the most comprehensive books yet issued in Japan, in a quality that we expect for Japan. We can't read Japanese either, but you don't buy this book to learn Japanese, rather to learn about pre-Columbian art - from illustrations. These pictures are an informative reference source for anyone doing iconography.


WEITLANDER-JOHNSON, Irmgard, Design Motifs on Mexican Indian Textiles , 10" x 13.5" hardcover boxed, 4 glossy color plates, 75 B&W plates with more than 200 illustrations - This book is out of print., 247 p.

YOSUGI, Yoshiho, MAYA TEJIENDO LA VIDA: Los Mayas de Hoy, 343 supurb color photographs, 12 B&W photos, 50 maps & line drawings (of looms, etc.) Covers Mexico and all of Guatemala, a double-page map has an addtional 110 photographs of color textiles. Sold out in Japan - not available anywhere else in USA or Europe. Forget the Japanese text - what you want (and need) are all these photographs. This book is a visual delight. 160 p.



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