BERRIN, K, and Esther PASZTORY (editors), Teotihuacan: Art from the City of the Gods . 288 pages, softcover coffee table quality. Two hundred six beautiful color photographs, 22 black and white photos, 18 drawings and six charts and maps. The largest, most complete portrayal of Teotihuacan art yet produced: murals, pottery, masks, architecture, figurines everything.


MATOS MOCTEZUMA, Eduardo, Teotihuacan : The City of Gods , coffee table book, w/English text, more than 70 color plates and photos, 239 p.

RUIZ, Sonia Lombardo, et al., Cacaxtla : El Lugar Donde Muere La Lluvia En La Tierra , over 1000 drawings (many in color), 240 photographs (several in color), fold out maps, fold out drawings of the entire mural sequence - the complete battle scene. It took 4 years to find these last copies. Monumental iconographic report on the Teotihuacan, Xochicalco, and Maya style murals of Cacaxtla, the most important find of the 1970's, 554 p., Hardbound,


SERRA PUCHE, Mari Carmen and Carlos NAVARRETE C., Ensayos de alfareria prehispanica e historica de Mesoamerica: Homenaje a Eduardo Noguera Auza (Arqueologia) (Spanish Edition) , UNAM, 308 p., features the most complete presentation of Early Classic TIKAL ceramics (Juan Pedro Laporte) plus key reports on Teotihuacan and related pottery not found in any other monograph. Lots of drawings of Tikal Maya Tzakol pottery.


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