FERNANDEZ Tejedo, Isabel et al, INAH, ZONAS ARQUEOLOGICAS: TABASCO 27 color, 26 B+W photos, 14 color drawings, 29 B+W drawings, 40 color maps, 109 p., covers the entire state of Tabasco, Olmec through Maya.


HERNANDEZ PONS, Elsa C. Investigaciones arqueologicas en el Valle del Rio Tulija, Tabasco-Chiapas (Proyecto Tierras bajas noroccidentales) (Spanish Edition) , UNAM, photos of Jaina-related figurines, Palenque style incense burners, over 200 p, with the only available photographs and map of Maya ruins of TORTEGUERO, source of stelae in Villahermosa museum. Long out of print. Our copies are brand new; how is this possible? We bought them over 9 years ago but never opened the boxes since we have been so busy with our research projects.


OCHOA, Lorenzo, Guia arqueologica del Museo de Jonuta y notas historicas de la region (Spanish Edition) , 72 p, color and B+W, all major Maya figurines illustrated (Fine Orange, Jaina-related style)


OCHOA, Lorenzo (coordinator), TIERRA Y AGUA - La Antropologia en Tabasco, 8 color plates, 21 illustrations, 12 B&W photos, 72 p.


PINA CHAN, Roman and NAVARRETE, Carlos. Archeological research in the lower Grijalva River region, Tabasco and Chiapas (Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation) , 52 p, stelae in unusual styles, covers Chontalpa region of Tabasco & Las Palmas region of Chiapas., includes 5 tables, 100 maps, B&W photos and illustrations.


RIESE, Berthold, NOTICIAS ARQUEOLOGICAS DE TABASCO various articles including on Olmec, by Berthold Riese on Torteguero glyphs, graffiti of Comalcalco, 65 p., edition limited to 250 copies, out of print.




GOBIERNO DEL ESTADO DE TABASCO, Guia arqueologica del Museo de Jonuta y notas historicas de la region (Spanish Edition) , (Spanish), 30 B&W plates of museum figures, 67 p.


LAVAREZ, Carlos and Luis CASASOLA, LAS FIGURILLAS DE JONUTA, TABASCO, UNAM, 117 p, fully illustrated, these Fine Orange figurines from Jonuta are similar to those of Jaina and Palenque.




PAVON ABREU, Raul, MORALES, UNA IMPORTANTE CIUDAD ARQUEOLOGICA EN TABASCO, 60 p., describes and illustrates an important Maya site and its stelae, edition limited to 250 copies.



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