G & T FOUNDATION, PIEZAS MAESTRAS MAYAS, Patrimondo del Museo Nacional de Arquelogia y Etnologia de Guatemala, GALARIA GUATEMALA III, 15.5" x 11.5" hardcover coffee table book, Spanish & English parallel text, 28 articles covering ecology, geography & development of technology of ancient Maya, as well as Preclassic, Classic, Postclassic & Spanish contact periods with the effects of interaction by different cultures. Discusses infrastructures, commerce, war, religion, art, architecture & cultures of Maya. 2 page chart of chronology of major sites. Beautiful photography to illustrate artifacts & culture of the Maya,10 B&W & 150 color photographs plus 35 full page color plates, 249 p.

PAZ, Octavio; STERLIN, Henri et al., Art Millenaire Des Amerique De La Decouverte a L'Admiration 1492-1992 French Text , coffeetable masterpiece, Olmec, Tlatilco, Xochipala, Colima, Chupicuaro, Mezcala, 156 works of art from Mesoamerica, Peru & the Amazon in exact color, each described fully in appendix, also 146 photos, maps and illustrations (most in color) depicting the expeditions of Columbus, Cortez & Pizarro as well as the art of Mexico, Mesoamerica, ancient Peru and the Amazon. 379 p.


PEREZ GALAZ, Juan de Dios, CAMPECHE EN LA CULTURA MAYA. 90 p., here is a book your library is missing,

TSURUMOTO, Shozo, TREASURES OF THE ANCIENT MAYA EXHIBITION - Searching the Rise and Fall Mystery, (in Japanese), maps of expeditions of Columbus, spheres of influences of some
Maya city states known, locations of city states, 128 color photographs of Maya artifacts on black back-ground plates, 112 p.


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