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BRUCE, Roberto, LACANDON TEXTS AND DRAWINGS FROM NAHA,' 1976, 158 p, INAH, lots of illustrations of importance to Maya iconography and religion.

COE, Michael, CLASSIC MAYA POTTERY AT DUMBARTON OAKS, Double page size portfolio of Classic Maya vases, all in color, with description of iconography, deities, hieroglyphs.

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deSMET, Peter & HELLMUTH, Nicholas, A Multidisciplinary Approach to Ritual Enema Scenes on Ancient Maya Pottery, 23 B&W photographs of rollouts and of pottery and descriptions, 50 p.

deSMET, Peter, Ritual enemas and snuffs in the Americas (Latin America studies) , 248 pages and 43 photographs of Maya pottery (mostly by Nicholas Hellmuth); this book includes an article by Hellmuth, "Principal Diagnostic Accessories of Maya Enema Scenes" and then the illustrations, A Pictorial Approach to Enema Scenes on Ancient Maya Pottery.). Michael Coe (Yale) and R. Schultes (Harvard) served as referees for research which went into this fully illustrated and informative iconographic report.

FONCERRADA DE MOLINA, Marta, Cacaxtla: La iconografia de los olmeca-xicalanca (Spanish Edition) , 1993, the best book yet published on the iconography of the battle murals and Maya style jambs of Cacaxtla--by far the most profusely illustrated book ever to appear on Cacaxtla. Covers all the hieroglyphs, warfare attire and attributes, costumes, deities, iconography--everything FULLY ILLUSTRATED with complete color "roll-outs" of all the war/sacrifice murals, in addition to 182 informative drawings.191 p.


GUATEMALA MYTHS Kekchi Maya ethnography and mythology of the Alta Vera Paz region, covers Maya spirits "El Sisemite," "Duende," "Moon," and more. The Museum Journal, Vol. 6, No. 3, 1915, 47 p, plus many photos showing Guatemala in 1915,

Crammed with information (English, Spanish), $100 all three volumes together. Vol. I, 600 p, Vol. II, 679 p, Vol. III, 808 p, covers OLMEC, Maya, Teotihuacan, Aztec, Bilbao (Cotzumalhuapa) art, iconography, archaeology, Tikal, Monte Alban, Belize, articles by HELLMUTH, Hammond on Belize, Merle Greene Robertson on Palenque, and scores of others. Kekchi myths, ballgame goal sculptures, The following reports are all in this volume of the International Congress of Americanists, Geneva.
D. Heydon, "What is the Significance of the Mexica Pyramid"
Hasso Von Winning, Mexican Figurines Attached to Pallets and Cradles"
E. Pasztory, "The Gods of Teotihuacan"
Gordon Ekholm, "The Archaeological Significance of Mirrors in the New World"
Mary King, "A Textile Technique from Oaxaca, Mexico"
Norman Hammond, "Maya Settlement Patterns"
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Sabloff and Rathje, "Changing pre-Columbian Commercial Patterns on the Island of Cozumel, Mexico"
Arthur Miller, "The Mural Painting at Tancah and in Structure 5 at Tulum: Implications of their Style and Iconography"
A. Digby, "Evidence in Mexican Glyphs and Sculpture for an unrecognized Astronomical Instrument"
F. Hochleitner, "The Correlation between the Mayan and the Julian Calendar" R. Fry, "The Archaeology of Southern Quintana Roo: Ceramics"
Peter Harrison, "The Lintels of Tzibanche, Quintana Roo"

MOYO RUBIO, Victor Jose, Mascaras: la otra cara de Mexico/ Masks: The Other Face of Mexico , (Spanish/English dual text), 231 photographs (about one-third in color) of masks, with articles covering the history and tradition, the dance and the mask in social and religious festivities as well as contemporary masks. Hardcover, 214 p.

PONCE, Pedro et al, EL ALMA ENCANTADA, 498 p. reprint of the 1892 "Breve Relacion de los Dioses y Ritos de la Gentilidad", Aguilar's "Informe contra Idolatras," Serna's "Manual de Ministros de Indios and other classic ethnohistoric sources, Hardbound.

ROBICSEK, Francis, The Maya Book of the Dead The Ceramic Codex , hundreds and hundreds of Justin Kerr photographs of Maya vases, deities, iconography, decipherment of hieroglyphs especially Primary Standard Sequence.


ROBICSEK, Francis, The Smoking Gods Tobacco in Maya Art, History, and Religion , foreword by Michael Coe. 233 p., 234 illustrations (including photographs by Nicholas Hellmuth), 265 outstanding color plates.


ROMERO PACHECO, Arturo, Carlos Navarrete, and Victor Segovia, Kohunlich: Una ciudad maya del clasico temprano (Spanish Edition) , presentation copy of the President of Mexico given to ambassadors, bank presidents, governors, etc.possibly the most lavish book ever produced on Maya archaeology since Kingsborough. 335 giant size pages, double page spread illustrations. It is amazing how beautiful a book Mexico can produce.


SATTERTHWAITE, L., "PIEDRAS NEGRAS ARCHAEOLOGY: ARCHITECTURE - SWEATBATHS" Original edition (1952), a rare find with complete description, photographs, architectural drawings of all ritual sweatbath structures, including ethnographic description of the sweat ritual itself.


SATTERTHWAITE, Linton, A method of procedure for field work in tropical American phytogeography based upon a botanical reconnaissance in parts of British Honduras and the Peten ... With fourteen plates, Issued July 10, 1935 photographs and descriptions of the Maya sites of Cahal Pech, Benque Viejo (Xunantunich), and Caracol. Features photographs of the stucco-decorated astronomical frieze at Xunantunich just after its discovery - not published widely elsewhere. Issue also reports on excavations of King Midas's capital. University Museum Bulletin, Vol. 16, No. 1, 1951.


SCHULER-SCHOMIG, Immina FIGURENGEFASSE AUS OAXACA MEXICO, 233 European quality photographs of Oaxaca urns in the Museum fuer Voelkerkunde, Berlin, not published widely elsewhere, with complete description,


TEDLOCK, Dennis (translator), POPUL VUH THE DEFINITIVE EDITION OF THE MAYAN BOOK OF THE DAWN OF LIFE AND THE GLORIES OF GODS AND KINGS 126 pages of descriptive references, 27 page glossary of names & terms, index of 64 illustrations, 388 p.




Union Academique Internationale, Corpus Antiquitatum Americanensium, INAH, Mexico. Vol. II COLECCIONES LEIGH Y MUSEO FRISSEL DE ARTE ZAPOTECA by Frank BOOS. portfolio (corner and edge torn). 1966, 121 p. text (Sp. and English), 102 large photographs of Oaxaca urns. This is the largest issue of the series.

Union Academique Internationale, Corpus Antiquitatum Americanensium, INAH, Mexico. Vol. III COLECCIONES LEIGH, MUSEO FRISSEL DE ARTE ZAPOTECA, SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION Y OTROS by Frank BOOS. More Oaxaca urns that were not covered in Vol. II. 1968, portfolio (edges scuffed, corners torn direct from original publisher two decades ago, but inside is pristine as these are new not used), 45 p text, 31 large format plates.


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