ROMERO PACHECO, Arturo, Carlos Navarrete, and Victor Segovia, Kohunlich: Una ciudad maya del clasico temprano (Spanish Edition) , presentation copy of the President of Mexico given to ambassadors, bank presidents, governors, etc. possibly the most lavish book ever produced on Maya archaeology since Kingsborough. 335 giant size pages, double page spread illustrations. It is amazing how beautiful a book Mexico can produce.




UNAM, MEMORIAS DEL PRIMER COLOQUIO INTERNACIONAL DE MAYANISTAS, 1985. 56 maps, 242 figs, 1146 p. This is the most comprehensive set of articles on recent discoveries in Maya art, iconography, epigraphy, and archaeology to appear in recent years. Includes Tikal, Tulum, Belize, Cacaxtla, and two new sculptures just discovered at Bonampak.



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