CULBERT, T. Patrick (editor), CLASSIC MAYA POLITICAL HISTORY -Hieroglyphic and Archaeological Evidence, Hardcover w/dustjacket, 22 maps and 33 figures & illustrations, 396 p.

FOLAN, William J., KINTZ, Ellen J., FLETCHER, Laraine A., Coba: A Classic Maya Metropolis , Hardbound, 24 page bibliograph;y, 14 articles on social organization, population base, culture; 40 tables, 32 drawings, 24 B&W photos & 10 maps. 256 p.

FOWLER, William R. Jr., THE FORMATION OF COMPLEX SOCIETY IN SOUTHEASTERN MESOAMERICA, Hardcover, shows early PreClassic Maya through the 16th century, using archaeology. 256 p.

HOUSTON, Stephen D., Hieroglyphs and History at DOS Pilas: Dynastic Politics of the Classic Maya , chronology of the site and its lords, 16 maps, 12 tables & more than 20 illustrations. 181 p.


PEREZ GALAZ, Juan de Dios, CAMPECHE EN LA CULTURA MAYA. 90 p., here is a book your library is missing.









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