KANO, Chiaki, TAKAHASHI COLLECTION, The Americas, materials on the Americas from the Takahashi collection, 96 p., Peru, Columbia, Costa Rica, MAYA, ballgame hacha, palma, polychrome vases, plates, bowls, eccentric flints (stela cache), eccentric obsidian, preclassic pottery, figurines, Maya polychrome enema scene, outstanding glyphs on giant Peten Maya plate.


MORISHITA MUSEUM OF ART, MORISHITA MUSEUM CATALOG - 1976, 66 Color plates of artifacts, 70 B&W photos of maps, sites, artifacts and illustrations. Ignore the Japanese script and concentrate on the photographs, MAYA (lowland and highland, glyphs, polychrome, plates, bowls), Tiquisate incensario, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peruvian archaeology. Most of the Maya items have not been published anywhere else. This book is not sold in the USA or Europe by any other bookseller. We had to go to Japan to get it in person. 79 p.


ONISHI MUSEUM, RAMAWORLD - Ancient Civilization of the Earthenware exhibition, America before Columbus came, Peru, MAYA VASES, bowls (full page size color photographs in a quality only Japan can produce). Produced by one of the richest private museums in Japan. It took four days to get to this museum in a rather out-of-the-way part of the country. Hardcover 48 p.


PAZ, Octavio; STERLIN, Henri et al., Art Millenaire Des Amerique De La Decouverte a L'Admiration 1492-1992 French Text , coffeetable masterpiece, Olmec, Tlatilco, Xochipala, Colima, Chupicuaro, Mezcala, 156 works of art from Mesoamerica, Peru & the Amazon in exact color, each described fully in appendix, also 146 photos, maps and illustrations (most in color) depicting the expeditions of Columbus, Cortez & Pizarro as well as the art of Mexico, Mesoamerica, ancient Peru and the Amazon. 379 p.


PEREZ Zevallos, Juan and Jose Antonio Perez Gollan, La Etnohistoria en Mesoamerica y los andes (Textos basicos y manuales) (Spanish Edition) , INAH, 258 p.


KING, Elizabeth (ed) ART & ENVIRONMENT IN NATIVE AMERICA, eight articles, includes: HALLUCINOGENS IN PRE-COLUMBIAN ART by Peter Furst, CLIMATE & ICONOGRAPHY IN PALENQUE SCULPTURE by George Kubler, and articles on Mexican and Peruvian art, 169 p.


YASUGI, Yoshiho, GREAT MONUMENTS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD, VOL 13, coffee table book on Mesoamerica and Peru, with 134 stunning photographs (a quality only the Japanese can produce), An ideal present, and, for a major library, this is one title you are certainly missing. It includes several F.L.A.A.R. photographs by Nicholas Hellmuth including polychrome Maya vases nowhere else published (fig. 71, for example). We can't read Japanese either (captions identify the sites in English), but the book sure looks impressive. It is a joy to see such perfectly illuminated Maya sites and such flawless color printing.175 large pages.





BENSON, Elizabeth, THE MOCHICA - A Culture of Peru, Hardcover, 8 color photos of sites and artifacts, 114 B&W photos of statues & pottery, 5 photos of sites, describes the people through their art. 164 p.

















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