EKHOLM-MILLER, Susanna, The Olmec rock carving at Xoc, Chiapas, Mexico (Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation) , the only Olmec monumental art found in the Maya heartland (near Bonampak), 28 p.


FOWLER, William R., El Salvador: Antiguas civilizaciones (Spanish Edition) , sold only in a single location in El Salvador - and they do not ship, they do not reply to mail orders. The only way to get this book is to fly to Central America (circa $600) and stay overnight (with meals about $120), or you can order the book from us for $250 and get it by return mail, $8. This lavish coffee table book has contributions by E. Wyllys Andrews, Arthur Demarest, Robert Sharer, and others. Features jade, monumental sculpture (Olmec, Pot Bellied Sculptures, and more), plus the first color photographs of Tiquisate-style Teotihuacan incense burners reported from Ahuachapan and Tazumal. This the best book ever produced on the complete spectrum of pre-Columbian art of El Salvador. Virtually the entire book is large format color photographs of aesthetically attractive art. 180 p. ***** 5 star rating for this impressive contribution to Maya archaeology of Central America.

GRAHAM, John A., et al., EXCAVATIONS AT SEIBAL, Memoirs, Vol. 17, 1990. Peabody Musuem of Archaeology and Ethnology, Monumental Sculpture and Hieroglyphic inscriptions by John Graham; Burials: A Cultural Analysis by Gair Tourtellot; The Ethnozoology of the Maya: Faunal Remains from Five Sites in Peten, Guatemala by Mary Deland Pohl; General Summary and Conclusions by Gordon R. Wiley, A Chronology, 7 maps (1 foldout), 18 drawings & 21 photos of stelae & glyphs with translations. 276 p.


GREENE, Merle, Ancient Maya relief sculpture rubbings by Merle Greene Robertson from Palenque, Tikal, Uaxactun, Yaxchilan, Yaxha, and all the other Maya ruins, plus Cotzumalhuapa, and also Preclassic sculptures, with text by John Graham and Robert Rands; hundreds of illustrations.


ICHON, Alain, LES SCULPTURES DE LA LAGUNITA, EL QUICHE, GUATEMALA. Rare monograph on Preclassic and Early Classic sculptures, tombs, and important archaeological discoveries published in no other book, 74 p., crammed with illustrations, photographs, and information essential for iconography.

ITO, Nabuyuki & TORRES, Miguel et al., MAYA - SPECIAL EXHIBITION, Crossroad of History and Race, a major Japanese catalog. Jade (lots, and in COLOR), obsidian, flint, highland, lowland, mushroom stones, Preclassic stone, plumbate, ballplayer figures & yokes, Tiquisate, highland Maya textiles, a necessary investment because of the coverage within this extensive catalog (mostly loans from Guatemala, but a considerable number of items nowhere else published). 200p. 126 illustrations of textiles and ethnographic subjects plus 251 illustrations of ancient art (mostly in color). This is one of the most comprehensive books yet issued in Japan, in a quality that we expect for Japan.


LOWE, G., T. Lee, and E. Martinez. Izapa: An introduction to the ruins and monuments (Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation) , 349 p, hundreds of illustrations, photographs, maps and architectural drawings showing all the excavations plus stelae discovered in the last 5 years. This book is essential for understanding the Preclassic/Proto- Classic origins of the eventual Maya civilization. Suitable for the aficionado,

NAVARRETE, Carlos, The Olmec rock carvings at Pijijiapan, Chiapas, Mexico and other Olmec pieces from Chiapas and Guatemala (Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation) , fascinating Olmec art, NWAF # 35,

NIEDERBERGER Betton, Christine, Paleopaysages et Archeologie pre-Urbaine du Bassin de Mexico, 2 large volumes. Complete review of Preclassic iconography (figurines and pottery) in general and Olmec iconography in particular (jades and sculpture). I have not seen this title offered in other catalogs; they are probably long out of print. (853 pages of educational information including 237 drawings, 269 photos, plus 209 charts/ maps/tables).

NORMAN, V. Garth, Izapa Sculpture, Part 2: Text , 2 vols. I is album of photographs and line drawings of the stelae and altars, II includes more drawings, additional photographs, and descriptive text. Suitable for the lay reader as well as student and scholar. 360p. of text including 245 drawings and 64 plates


PARSONS, L., PRE-COLUMBIAN AMERICA: THE ART & ARCHAEOLOGY OF SOUTH, CENTRAL AND MIDDLE AMERICA. Jaina figurines, ballgame sculpture, incense burners, Preclassic, Aztec, West Coast Mexico, 193 p.


ROMERO PACHECO, Arturo, Carlos Navarrete, and Victor Segovia, Kohunlich: Una ciudad maya del clasico temprano (Spanish Edition) , presentation copy of the President of Mexico given to ambassadors, bank presidents, governors, etc. handbound in embossed leather, possibly the most lavish book ever produced on Maya archaeology since Kingsborough. 335 giant size pages, double page spread illustrations. It is amazing how beautiful a book Mexico can produce. Packing and postage is $40 due to the size and weight of this magnificent volume. Insurance is $10, but you must ask for it specifically.


TRUEBLOOD, Beatrice (editor) Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa (Veracruz en la cultura) , Monumental Olmec sculpture, Arroyo Pesquero Olmec Masks, El Tajin Relief Sculpture, Hardcover, w/articles by: Michael Coe - The Olmecs, Felipe Solis - Central Veracruz & Beatriz de la Fuente - The Huastecs. Each article shows beautifully photographed artifacts of the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa in colored lighting and highlights. The accompanying descriptions include provenances. Over 140 color plates. 204 p.


VIZCAINO, Antonio, Museo de Antropologia de Xalapa (Spanish Edition) , covers the Olmec, Totonac and Huastec cultures w/122 beautiful color plates. Text is in Spanish with an index of the plates., hardcover coffee table book, 143 p.


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