BECKER-DONNER, Etta, DIE MEXIKANISCHEN SAMMLUNGEN DES MUSEUMS FUER VOELKERKUNDE, Wien, complete catalog of the royal museum of Vienna, with their renowned Aztec feather shield and capes in full color, and everything else pictured on European quality paper, 120 p., including 64 full page photographs, $40. No. 6041

CACAXTLA, CACAXTLA: Proyecto de investigacion y conservacion. Gobierno del Estado de Tlaxcala, 1990. With articles by several archaeologists, Sergio de la V. Vergara Berdejo, Ramon Sanchez Flores, etc. The value of this book for archaeology, iconography, and art history is in the accurate line drawings, especially of the God L as merchant, Frog-Toad, Maize God, and Jaguar-Turtle, murals; 98 pages, photos (color and B+W). These particular mural segments are in no other book on Cacaxtla, and are not in the National Geographic article on Cacaxtla either. We have never seen this book offered elsewhere; it is virtually impossible to find even in the city of Tlaxcala, and was sold- out at Cacaxtla itself about three years ago. 98 p. Hence its value, $150. No. 6060

CASO, Alfonso, EL TESORO DE MONTE ALBAN, INAH, reissue by Bancomer in FULL COLOR in 1982. The complete report on the gold Mixtec treasure of Monte Alban, 406 p. This is one of the most crucial monographs to have in your library. $350 gives you the hardcover edition. No. 6067

GREENE ROBERTSON, Merle (ed), PRIMERA MESA REDONDA DE PALENQUE, Vol. II, Merle Greene Robertson ed. 143 pages, drawings and description of art, Maya architecture, iconography, decipherment. $120. No. 6122

GUERRERO, Raul F., HISTORIA GENERAL DE ARTE MEXICANO - EPOCO PREHISPANICA, (2 pocket sized volumes in Spanish), Vol. 1: 79 B&W photos of art, codices, monuments, sites, 8 drawings. Vol. 2: 92 B&W photos, 14 drawings, Cloth-hardbound, total of 429 pages, $50 for this set. No. 6126

NAVARRETE, Carlos, THE CHIAPANEC HISTORY AND CULTURE. Ethnography, ethnohistory and archaeology of Chiapas, NWAF # 21, 110 p., $20. No. 6196

PINA CHAN, R., UNA VISION DE MEXICO PREHISPANICO, 85 B&W photos of sites, carvings, monuments & pottery, 4 foldout maps, 339 p., $60. No. 6218



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