DOMINGUEZ CARRASCO, Maria del R., Calakmul, Campeche, analisis de la ceramica (Coleccion Arqueologia) (Spanish Edition) , 1994, exacting analysis of all the pottery; uncovered in many years of William Folan's excavations throughout CALAKMUL, color photograph by Eldon Leiter (F.L.A.A.R.) on the cover, 359 p. Includes all ceramic illustrations plus chart of Calakmul ceramic phases. The is the first complete report on the Maya pottery of the Peten-influenced area of Campeche. Only 500 copies printed, so you will be lucky to get one.

PINCEMIN, Sophia, Entierro en el palacio: La tumba de la estructura III, Calakmul, Campeche (Coleccion Arqueologia) (Spanish Edition) Most complete report on any Maya tomb, everything is pictured, but it has streaky printing & xerographic photos, paperback, rare w/more than 70 photos, illustrations and site maps. 209 p.

Rio Candelaria area

PINCEMIN, Sophia, REMONTANDO el RIO, 1993, complete review of the archaeology and Chontal Maya ethnohistory of the Rio Candelaria area of Campeche, including El Tigre. Illustrations of Maya architecture, pottery, 10 maps, 16 photos, 298 p.



GARCIA-BARCENA, Joaquin, EL PRECERAMICO DE AGUATENANGO, CHIAPAS, MEXICO, INAH. 5 photos, 8 maps, 35 tables, 5 drawings, 86 p.

Chiapa de Corzo

LOWE, Gareth W. Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation No. 12 Mound 5 and Minor Excavations, Chiapa De Corzo, Chiapas, Mexico (Publication No. 8) , incredible cache of Holmul I related pots, all illustrated, essential for studies of origin of pottery in Peten, architecture.


BALL, Joseph, THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL CERAMICS OF CHINKULTIC, CHIAPAS, MEXICO 132 p., pots, architecture, plus results of diving in the cenote (yes, Chinkultic has one also), and a remarkable ballgame adoration scene painted on stucco.

GALLEGOS RUIZ, Roberto, CHINKULTIC: una cuidad Maya, Intro. By Roman Pina Chan, 126 p. with lots of illustrations, includes ceramics (Jaguar God of the Underworld incensarios) and architecture. Probably has more pictures of Chinkultic than any prior or subsequent book. Tells the story of draining and dredging the cenote at Chinkultic hoping to find a treasure comparable to that of Chichen Itza.

Cueva de los Andasolos

NAVARRETE, Carlos and MARTINEZ, Edwardo, CUEVA DE LOS ANDASOLOS, UNACH, 19 pages of illustrations with descriptions of figurines, 40 pages of photographs of figurines and site, (illustrates the most important and exotic Jaguar God of the Underworld incensario ever found in the entire Maya area). This book is an essential reference for iconographers. 130 p.


AGRINIER, P., MOUNDS 9 AND 10 AT MIRADOR, CHIAPAS, MEXICO. Papers of the New World Arch. Foundation, No. 39. , 104 p, Protoclassic stela, scores of illustrations of pottery related to Holmul I and Tzakol 1 and 2; essential reference for early Peten Maya iconography.

AGRINIER, P., Mound 20, Mirador, Chiapas, Mexico (Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation) , 84 p., dozens and dozens of illustrations of more pottery related to Early Classic in Peten,

PETERSON, Frederick A. SOME CERAMICS FROM MIRADOR, CHIAPAS, MEXICO , 126 p., preclassic figurines, NWAW # 15,


VILLA GARCIA, Luis Ignacio, PERROS EN LAS TUMBAS DE COLIMA, hardcover coffee table book, 25 full page color plates, 6 articles on the large dogs of Colima, written in Spanish, English and French, 134 p.

BAUS de Czitron, C. LOS PERROS DE LA ANTIGUA PROVINCIA DE COLIMA. Estudio y corpus de sus representantes en arcilla en las colecciones del Museo Nacional de Antropologia. 2a ed , INAH. 55 photos, 97 p.; the complete collection of the Museo Nacional de Antropologia essential reference for the museum curator or art historian.

EISLEB, Dieter, WESTMEXIKANISCHE KERAMIK (WESTMEXICAN CERAMIC) , 261 European quality photographs of Colima, Nayarit, and Jalisco ceramic figures of the national museum in West Berlin.


BERRIN, K, and Esther PASZTORY (editors), Teotihuacan: Art from the City of the Gods . 288 pages, softcover coffee table quality. Two hundred six beautiful color photographs, 22 black and white photos, 18 drawings and six charts and maps. The largest, most complete portrayal of Teotihuacan art yet produced: murals, pottery, masks, architecture, figurines everything.


EISLEB, Dieter, WESTMEXIKANISCHE KERAMIK (WESTMEXICAN CERAMIC) , 261 European quality photographs of Colima, Nayarit, and Jalisco ceramic figures of the national museum in West Berlin.


SCHULER-SCHOMIG, Immina FIGURENGEFASSE AUS OAXACA MEXICO, 233 European quality photographs of Oaxaca urns in the Museum fuer Voelkerkunde, Berlin, not published widely elsewhere, with complete description.

Union Academique Internationale, Corpus Antiquitatum Americanensium, INAH, Mexico. Vol. II COLECCIONES LEIGH Y MUSEO FRISSEL DE ARTE ZAPOTECA by Frank BOOS. portfolio (corner and edge torn). 1966, 121 p. text (Sp. and English), 102 large photographs of Oaxaca urns. This is the largest issue of the series.

Union Academique Internationale, Corpus Antiquitatum Americanensium, INAH, Mexico. Vol. III COLECCIONES LEIGH, MUSEO FRISSEL DE ARTE ZAPOTECA, SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION Y OTROS by Frank BOOS. More Oaxaca urns that were not covered in Vol. II. 1968, portfolio (edges scuffed, corners torn direct from original publisher two decades ago, but inside is pristine as these are new not used), 45 p text, 31 large format plates.


Santa Ana Teloxtoc

VARGAS, Ernesto (edit.), Las Máscaras de la Cueva de Santa Ana Teloxtoc , (Spanish), 8 color plates, 51 B&W photos, 8 maps, 1 drawing, 207 p.


ALVAREZ, Carlos and CASASOLA, Luis, Las figurillas de Jonuta, Tabasco (Proyecto Tierras bajas noroccidentales del area maya) (Spanish Edition) , UNAM, 6 maps, 72 photographs of figurines and illustrations. This book illustrates more Maya figurines than most books on Jaina. Actually, if you have this book in your library, you will quickly realize that 25% of all "Jaina" figurines so listed in publications are actually from JONUTA, Tabasco. Probably 80% of the figurines in this book are nowhere else published. 117 p.

OCHOA, Lorenzo, Guia arqueologica del Museo de Jonuta y notas historicas de la region (Spanish Edition) , 72 p, color and B+W, all major Maya figurines illustrated (Fine Orange, Jaina-related style).


MEADE, Joaquin, ARQUEOLOGIA DE TAMAULIPAS, 102 p., Huastec Maya art, archaeology, pottery, limited edition of just 1000 copies.


VIZCAINO, Antonio, Museo de Antropologia de Xalapa (Spanish Edition) , covers the Olmec, Totonac and Huastec cultures w/122 beautiful color plates. Text is in Spanish with an index of the plates., hardcover coffee table book, 143 p.

TRUEBLOOD, Beatrice (editor) Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa (Veracruz en la cultura) , Monumental Olmec sculpture, Arroyo Pesquero Olmec Masks, El Tajin Relief Sculpture, Hardcover, w/articles by: Michael Coe - The Olmecs, Felipe Solis - Central Veracruz & Beatriz de la Fuente - The Huastecs. Each article shows beautifully photographed artifacts of the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa in colored lighting and highlights. The accompanying descriptions include provenances. Over 140 color plates. 204 p.


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