Maya General Culture


ESTUDIOS DE CULTURA MAYA, Vol. XIII, 1981, 18 articles by leading Mayanists, in English and in Spanish, covers Palenque, Aguateca, Coba, Tulum, 374 p.

, 13 articles including Tikal, Altun Ha (Belize), Cacaxtla murals, and three fortified (walled) Maya cities in Yucatan, 354 p.

FOLAN, William (Editor) Los Investigadores de la Cultura Maya 12 , vol. 2, 1994 (vol. 1 is totally out of print and unavailable even in Mexico). Articles in Spanish on Rio Bec architecture, the Teotihuacan yearsign in the Maya area, Calakmul, the murals of Bonampak, Santa Rosa Xtampak and Edzna. 206 p., illustrated.


G & T FOUNDATION, PIEZAS MAESTRAS MAYAS, Patrimondo del Museo Nacional de Arquelogia y Etnologia de Guatemala, GALARIA GUATEMALA III, 15.5" x 11.5" hardcover coffee table book, Spanish & English parallel text, 28 articles covering ecology, geography & development of technology of ancient Maya, as well as Preclassic, Classic, Postclassic & Spanish contact periods with the effects of interaction by different cultures. Discusses infrastructures, commerce, war, religion, art, architecture & cultures of Maya. 2 page chart of chronology of major sites. Beautiful photography to illustrate artifacts & culture of the Maya,10 B&W & 150 color photographs plus 35 full page color plates, 249 p.

GRAHAM, Mark Miller (Editor), Reinterpreting Prehistory of Central America , 9 articles, covers art and cultures of Mesoamerica, photos of pottery, hardcover, 335 p.

GRIFFIN, GILLETT (Introduction), Schatten uit de Nieuwe Wereld , (In German), 11 articles of precolumbian new world, 20 pages showing chronology of cultures and city states with maps of where these people lived in North, Central & South America and the Carribean, 475 color plates of artifacts from cultures of the americas with descriptions and provenances, including 92 from precolombian Mexico, from Maya (Mexico, Guatemala & Honduras) 52 color plates. 484 glossy pages.


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