STONE, Doris, Archaeology of the north coast of Honduras, (Memoirs of the Peabody museum of archaeology and ethnology, Harvard university) , Peabody Museum, Memoirs, Vol. IX, No. 1, 1941, original edition, NEW, not used, not a reprint. This is, to our knowledge, the only new and unused example of this book available in the world.


THE MUSEUM JOURNAL, The ULUA Marble Vases by G. B. Gordon, 15 B&W photos of vases, The Use of Metals in Prehistoric America and A Golden Hoard from Ecuador by William Curtis Farabee, The Museum Journal, Univ. Of Pa, March, 1921 , Vol XII, No. 1, (original),



BAUDEZ, Claude et al, INTRODUCCION A LA ARQUEOLOGIA DE COPAN, HONDURAS, 1983, reports by many Mayanists, I, 628 p., II, 576 p., III, maps equivalent in thickness to over 400 pages, thousands of illustrations and photographs (sculpture, ceramic art and more), the entire set of 3 vols. The standard reference work for Copan archaeology.


BAUDEZ, Claude, MAYA SCULPTURE OF COPAN - THE ICONOGRAPHY, 116 B&W photos, 135 drawings of monuments and stelae, 3 tables, 1 map, Hardcover, 300 p.


SANDERS, William, EXCAVACIONES EN EL AREA URBANA DE COPAN, Vol. I, 152 architectural drawings, 157 photos, 10 fold out drawings, 391 p.


Region de La Entrada

NAKAMURA, Seiichi, Kazuo Aoyama, and Eiji Uratsuji, Investigaciones Arqueologicas en la Region de la Entrada , 3 volume report of the Japanese archaeological expedition northeast of Copan: ceramics, artifacts, sculpture, hieroglyphs (decipherments by Linda Schele).









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