Guatemala Pottery, Figurines & Ceramics


HELLMUTH, Nicholas, Structure 5D-73, BURIAL 196, TIKAL, PETEN, GUATEMALA, 2 volumes, spiral bound, so many hundreds of illustrations we gave up counting maps, lots of architectural drawings of the pyramid and tomb chamber, rollout drawings of all the decorated vases, complete drawings of all the plates, pictures of all the jade in situ inside the crypt. This opus was Hellmuth's B.A. honor's thesis (awarded a Summa cum Laude at Harvard). Burial 196 ("The Tomb of the Jade Jaguar") is the third largest Late Classic burial ever found in the entire Maya lowlands. The author spent several months inside the tomb and in the lab taking copious notes, doing exquisite drawings, and taking abundant photographs, making this the most thoroughly recorded burial ever excavated in Mesoamerica.


ICHON, Alain and Rita GIGNON, ARCHEOLOGIE DE SAUVETAGE DANS LA VALLEE DU RIO CHIXOY. no. 3, EL JOCOTE. Archaeologists tend to forget the highlands in their Tikal-centric view of the Maya universe. These reports are essential to understanding the fuller perspective of ancient Maya culture throughout Guatemala.- photographs of incensarios, pottery, figurines, monumental architecture. 125 p.

ICHON, Alain and Marion P. HATCH, ARCHEOLOGIE DE SAUVETAGE DANS LA VALLEE DU RIO CHIXOY. no. 4, LOS ENCUENTROS. 193 pages with plenty of illustrations. These reports are as good (if not better) than the Carnegie Institution of Washington monographs. Includes patolli game board (fig. 101), ballcourt (fig. 34), pottery, temple and palace architecture, tombs, and artifacts all pictured in drawings and/or photographs.


ICHON, Alain & Marie Charlotte Arnauld, LE PROTOCLASSIQUE A LA LAGUNITA EL QUICHE, GUALEMALA. 257 p, filled with photographs and drawings of early Maya pottery art. For anyone working on the development of ceramic art, on iconography, on Maya symbolism, and on the evolution from Preclassic to Protoclassic, this book is a standard reference work. Actually, this is the most important book ever published on Holmul I-style pottery--has ten times more pots than then the original Holmul monograph. Thus long out of print, but we have one copy left.


OHI, Kuniaki et al., KAMINALJUYU - Excavation Research, 1994, Set of 2 volumes, boxed w/history & culture, (texts in Spanish and Japanese) hundreds of B&W photos of artifacts and site excavations as well as illustrations. Foldouts of maps, chronologies of architecture, designs of crafts and cultures. 762 p.

RHODES, Rilley, THE WORLD BEYOND, MAYA TOMB CERAMICS. Essential reading for Maya iconography as this rare publication illustrates outstanding works of Maya art from ancient Guatemala not included in the books of either Coe or of Robicsek. Impressive giant burial urns, unusual Early Classic incensarios "a goddess giving birth," pottery statues of the Sun God, and one of only three known Maya Teotihuacan-related censors from the Peten. The Tiquisate masterpieces are the most exotic of their kind in the world. 50 impressive photographs.


SERRA PUCHE, Mari Carmen and Carlos NAVARRETE C.Ensayos de alfareria prehispanica e historica de Mesoamerica: Homenaje a Eduardo Noguera Auza (Arqueologia) (Spanish Edition) , UNAM, 308 p., features the most complete presentation of Early Classic TIKAL ceramics (Juan Pedro Laporte) plus key reports on Teotihuacan and related pottery not found in any other monograph. Lots of drawings of Tikal Maya Tzakol pottery.


THE FIELD LABORATORY AT TIKAL, includes photographs of tomb excavations and discoveries from the North Acropolis, Expedition, Vol. 5, No. 3, 1963,


VALDES, Juan Antonio, Federico FAHSEN, Hector ESCOBEDO, OBRAS MAESTRAS DEL MUSEO DE TIKAL, lots of color, including polychrome plates never before published, 75 p.

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