COE, Michael, CLASSIC MAYA POTTERY AT DUMBARTON OAKS, Double page size portfolio of Classic Maya vases, all in color, with description of iconography, deities, hieroglyphs.

deSMET, Peter & HELLMUTH, Nicholas, A Multidisciplinary Approach to Ritual Enema Scenes on Ancient Maya Pottery, 23 B&W photographs of rollouts and of pottery and descriptions, 50 p.

deSMET, Peter, Ritual enemas and snuffs in the Americas (Latin America studies) , 248 pages and 43 photographs of Maya pottery (mostly by Nicholas Hellmuth); this book includes an article by Hellmuth, "Principal Diagnostic Accessories of Maya Enema Scenes" and then the illustrations, A Pictorial Approach to Enema Scenes on Ancient Maya Pottery.). Michael Coe (Yale) and R. Schultes (Harvard) served as referees for research which went into this fully illustrated and informative iconographic report.


Duke Museum collection, Rulers, Deities and Death: Maya Ceramics from the Duke University Museum Collection and Other Examples of Pre-Columbian Art , an exhibit of Maya art, scarce publication, 18 Maya items pictured, 20 p. of description, most of these vases have not been published anywhere else.

de la FUENTE, Beatriz, PELDANOS EN LA CONCIENCIA -Rostros en la Plastica Prehispanica, 88 photographs, in Spanish, Hardcover, 101 p.

HELLMUTH, N. (ed.), TZAKOL AND TEPEU MAYA POTTERY DRAWINGS by Barbara van Heusen, Persis Clarkson, and Lin Crocker. ca. 45 large format, rollout line drawings, Two parts, 2nd part is 70 pages text. Rare edition, as this is a printer's proof, only 150 copies produced - ONLY 3 SETS LEFT WITH STAMPED PORTFOLIO COVER. A limited edition that will never be re-done in the present arrangement.

HELLMUTH, N., CATALOG OF TZAKOL PERIOD MAYA ART IN SITE REPORTS AND IN MUSEUMS AND PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Canada and Europe, Vol. II: Maya Cylindrical Tripods. This is the only catalog of all known Early Classic cylindrical tripods from the museums and private collections throughout the world. Sections include stuccoed-and-painted, polychrome painted, negative painted, etc. Lists all hieroglyphic inscriptions. Pots in private collections are compared and contrasted with all known examples excavated from Chiapas, Peten, Belize, Honduras, and the highlands especially with tripods from Tikal and Uaxactun. 7 full page photographs, 247 pages of cogent description.


HILDSHEIM, Die Welt Der Maya, (in German), 264 color plates of precolombian artifacts with full page in depth analyses, descriptions and provenances, 14 articles in 284 pages w/175 beautiful color photographs of sites, stelae, codices, murals and artifacts. The authors of the articles are: Herbert Wilhelmy, Juan Antonio Valdes, Robert J. Sharer, Nicholas P. Dunning, Wolfgang W. Wurster, Oscar Quintana, Stephan D. Houston & David Stuart, David A. Freidel, Ted Leyenaar & Gerald W. van Bussel, Linda Schele, Nicholai Grube, T. Patrick Culbert, Diane & Arlene Chase, and Carolyn Tate. 636 p.


JORALEMON, David TREASURES OF PRE-COLUMBIAN ART: Collection of Janos Szekeres 64 p.of Olmec jades, polychrome Maya vases (full color, not published anywhere else), and Jaina figurines, etc.

LARRALDE de SAENZ, Jacqueline, Cronicas en barro y piedra: Arte prehispanico de Mexico en la Coleccion Saenz : el periodo formativo (Spanish Edition) - El Periodo Formativo, more than 500 B&W photographs of figurines, 19 full page color plates - all with descriptions, covers periods 1800-1000BC, 1000-500BC and 500BC - 100AD., 8 maps, includes a chronology of influences of cultures and city states from 1800BC to 1500AD., hardcover, 250 p.

LAPORTE, Juan Pedro & VALDES, Juan Antonio, Tikal Y Uaxactun En El Preclasico , 8 articles, includes 60 architectural drawings of locations, a chronology of the area, 30 masks, 126 p.


MORISHITA MUSEUM OF ART, MORISHITA MUSEUM CATALOG - 1976, 66 Color plates of artifacts, 70 B&W photos of maps, sites, artifacts and illustrations. Ignore the Japanese script and concentrate on the photographs, MAYA (lowland and highland, glyphs, polychrome, plates, bowls), Tiquisate incensario, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peruvian archaeology. Most of the Maya items have not been published anywhere else. This book is not sold in the USA or Europe by any other bookseller. We had to go to Japan to get it in person. 79 p.


MOYO RUBIO, Victor Jose, Mascaras: la otra cara de Mexico/ Masks: The Other Face of Mexico , (Spanish/English dual text), 231 photographs (about one-third in color) of masks, with articles covering the history and tradition, the dance and the mask in social and religious festivities as well as contemporary masks. Hardcover, 214 p.


MUSEE BARBIER-MUELLER, ART DE L'AMERIQUE PRECOLOMBIENNE, Olmec, Veracruz hacha, Teotihuacan mask & mural, Monte Alto (Guatemala Preclassic), Tlatilco, Aztec, Huaxtec, 3 maps, 30 full page photographs of artifacts, covers North and South America, Antilles and Mesoamerica, 50 p.


ONISHI MUSEUM, RAMAWORLD - Ancient Civilization of the Earthenware exhibition, America before Columbus came, Peru, MAYA VASES, bowls (full page size color photographs in a quality only Japan can produce). Produced by one of the richest private museums in Japan. It took four days to get to this museum in a rather out-of-the-way part of the country. Hardcover 48 p.


PARSONS, L., PRE-COLUMBIAN AMERICA: THE ART & ARCHAEOLOGY OF SOUTH, CENTRAL AND MIDDLE AMERICA. Jaina figurines, ballgame sculpture, incense burners, Preclassic, Aztec, West Coast Mexico, 193 p.

ROBICSEK, Francis, THE MAYA BOOK OF THE DEAD: THE CERAMIC CODEX, hundreds and hundreds of Justin Kerr photographs of Maya vases, deities, iconography, decipherment of hieroglyphs especially Primary Standard Sequence.


SCHELE, Linda & FREIDEL, David, A FOREST OF KINGS -The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya, w/16 color plates, photographic rollouts of Maya vase & pottery drawings, hardcover, 542 p.



TROUT, Lawana Hooper, THE MAYA, (Indians of North America), 11 color photos of Jaina figurines, 49 B&W photos, 3 maps, 13 drawings (includes some 16th century English & Dutch fictionalized anti-Spanish and anti-Catholic propaganda), hardcover, 127 p.


TSURUMOTO, Shozo, TREASURES OF THE ANCIENT MAYA EXHIBITION - Searching the Rise and Fall Mystery, (in Japanese), maps of expeditions of Columbus, spheres of influences of some Maya city states known, locations of city states, 128 color photographs of Maya artifacts on black back-ground plates, 112 p.


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