ALCORN, Janis, Huastec Mayan Ethnobotany , Hardcover, description of plants used by Maya and how they treated human disorders with those plants., 982 p.

ALVAREZ DEL TORO, Miguel, LOS REPTILES DE CHIAPAS. Since snakes, iguanas, etc. dominate many aspects of Maya art and mythology, this book is a bible for iconographers (as well as for zoologists, ethno-zoologists, and osteologists) - essential for the Maya archaeologist who wants to understand Maya art. Loaded with illustrations (mostly in color), 3rd edition (1982), 248 p.

BEUTELSPACHER, Carlos R. LAS MARIPOSAS ENTRE LOS ANTIGUOS MEXICANOS. 6 color photos, 16 B+W photos, 284 illustrations in both color and B+W, hardbound 103 p. The most complete book yet produced on the appearance of a creature so important in Teotihuacan iconography.

De La GARZA, Mercedes, El Universo Sagrado De La Serpiente entre Los Mayas Hard bound in Spanish, 462p., high quality line drawings of Maya art with Quetzalcoatl (Kukulcan) and other snakes.

GRAHAM, John A., et al., EXCAVATIONS AT SEIBAL, Memoirs, Vol. 17, 1990. Peabody Musuem of Archaeology and Ethnology, Monumental Sculpture and Hieroglyphic inscriptions by John Graham; Burials: A Cultural Analysis by Gair Tourtellot; The Ethnozoology of the Maya: Faunal Remains from Five Sites in Peten, Guatemala by Mary Deland Pohl; General Summary and Conclusions by Gordon R. Wiley, A Chronology, 7 maps (1 foldout), 18 drawings & 21 photos of stelae & glyphs with translations. 276 p.


SABAU GARCIA, Maria Luisa, De Mexico al mundo: Plantas (Spanish Edition) , with 14 loose color plates of paintings of Ana Jovane (8" x 11"), 181 color photos of plants & flowers, described and listed alphabetically, 9" x 12" hardcover, 195 p.

VILLA GARCIA, Luis Ignacio, PERROS EN LAS TUMBAS DE COLIMA, hardcover coffee table book, 25 full page color plates, 6 articles on the large dogs of Colima, written in Spanish, English and French, 134 p.















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