BENSON, Elizabeth and David Joralemon, Pre-Columbian art from Mesoamerica and Ecuador: Selections from Distinguished Private Collections. 32 p., Color & B+W photos of Olmec and Maya art not published anywhere else.


MORISHITA MUSEUM OF ART, MORISHITA MUSEUM CATALOG - 1976, 66 Color plates of artifacts, 70 B&W photos of maps, sites, artifacts and illustrations. Ignore the Japanese script and concentrate on the photographs, MAYA (lowland and highland, glyphs, polychrome, plates, bowls), Tiquisate incensario, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peruvian archaeology. Most of the Maya items have not been published anywhere else. This book is not sold in the USA or Europe by any other bookseller. We had to go to Japan to get it in person. 79 p.


THE MUSEUM JOURNAL, The ULUA Marble Vases by G. B. Gordon, 15 B&W photos of vases, The Use of Metals in Prehistoric America and A Golden Hoard from Ecuador by William Curtis Farabee, The Museum Journal, Univ. Of Pa, March, 1921 , Vol XII, No. 1.



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