BALL, Joseph, THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL CERAMICS OF BECAN, CAMPECHE, MEXICO, 190 p., everything you need to learn about Maya pottery of the Rio Bec region of Campeche, Mexico,


MAYER, Karl Herbert, CLASSIC MAYA RELIEF COLUMNS, profusely illustrated book on ancient Maya sculpture from Campeche &Yucatan not widely published elsewhere. Copies in stock for immediate shipment, maps, drawings, photographs. Shows the hieroglyphs, deities, dynastic rulers, and other portraits found on these monuental stone sculptures. Mayer is one of the three best iconographers in all Europe, with an impressive library and a remarkable photographic archive. 49 p.


MURPHY, Francis, DRAGON MASK TEMPLES IN CENTRAL YUCATAN, 82 large format pages, hardcover, published in Hong Kong with stunningly beautiful full page photographs of Chenes and Rio Bec palaces and temples. Covers Hochob, Tabasqueno, Dzibilnocac, Chicanna, Hormiguero, Santa Rosa Xtampak as well as CHENES temples at Uxmal and Copan. This rare book just got rarer since the warehouse storing them all (in Hong Kong) was destroyed. DRAGON MASKS is the most attractive book on RIO BEC Maya architecture of Campeche yet printed.


PINCEMIN, Sophia, REMONTANDO el RIO, 1993, complete review of the archaeology and Chontal Maya ethnohistory of the Rio Candelaria area of Campeche, including El Tigre. Illustrations of Maya architecture, pottery, 10 maps, 16 photos, 298 p.




FOLAN, William (Coordinator) CAMPECHE MAYA COLONIAL, 45 maps, 24 drawings, 39 B&W photos. This informative book actually covers the archaeology of Calakmul, specifically the EARLY CLASSIC royal tomb of the Palace, Structure III, with its jades, fabulous pottery, etc, only 500 copies printed. 226 p.


PINCEMIN, Sophia, ENTIERRO EN EL PALACIO (La tumba de la Estructura III, Calakmul) Most complete report on any Maya tomb, everything is pictured, but it has streaky printing & xerographic photos, paperback, rare w/more than 70 photos, illustrations and site maps. 209 p.



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