PROSKOURIAKOFF, Tatiana, A Study of Classic Maya Sculpture , Carnegie Institution of Washington, Pub. 593, original edition, not the reprint with fuzzy 2nd-hand illustrations. Paper version (original Carnegie edition still in CIW binding), oxidized cover, rare edition of the most important reference book on Maya sculpture ever published.


RECONNAISSANCE IN BRITISH HONDURAS by Linton Satterthwaite, photographs and descriptions of the Maya sites of Cahal Pech, Benque Viejo (Xunantunich), and Caracol. Features photographs of the stucco-decorated astronomical frieze at Xunanatunich just after its discovery - not published widely elsewhere. Issue also reports on excavations of King Midas's capital. University Museum Bulletin, Vol. 16, No. 1, 1951


RICE, Don, The archaeology of British Honduras: A review and synthesis (Occasional publications in anthropology) , 1974, 164 p. Covers Pusilha, Lubaantun, Benque Viejo (Xunantunich), Barton Ramie, Santa Rita (site with famous fresco), Caracol, and others. Katunob edition, helpful bibliography, illustrated.


UNAM, MEMORIAS DEL PRIMER COLOQUIO INTERNACIONAL DE MAYANISTAS, 1985 . 56 maps, 242 figs, 1146 p. They never print enough of these important books to go around, so when this book goes out of print. This is the most comprehensive set of articles on recent discoveries in Maya art, iconography, epigraphy, and archaeology to appear in recent years. Includes Tikal, Tulum, Belize, Cacaxtla, and two new sculptures just discovered at Bonampak.



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