Books and articles about parrots and macaws of the Mayan areas

Explore the world of the macaws and parrots of the Neotropical seasonal rain forests of El Peten, Alta Verapaz, Izabal, Belize, Honduras, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Campeche and other parts of Mesoamerica influenced by Mayan civilization.

Macaws and Parrots, Reveu MagazineMacaws and parrots are found in murals, vase paintings, monumental stone sculpture and architectural facades. A good place to see macaws in Mayan art is at Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Plus you can photograph scores of macaws flying around the Maya ruins of Copan.

And, there is a macaw nature preserve just 10 minutes away, Macaw Mountain. We recommend visiting Macaw Mountain. We have written an article in REVUE magazine about macaws and mention Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature Reserve.

Guacamaya, Ara MacaoThere is also a macaw research station on the Rio San Pedro Martyr, El Peten. Just realize that macaws come here only during certain seasons related to the macaw life cycle. So communicate with Las Guacamayas in advance. But at Copan Ruinas in Honduras and at Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature Reserve a few minutes away., the macaws are there 24 hours a day all year.

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Image of a scarlet macaw, Ara macao, photographed at Copán, Honduras with a Nikon D800E

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First posted in early June 2014