The new generation of Laser printers mean that every researcher, every professor, any individual, can now produce their own reports in their own office



If you want to publish limited editions of your best photographs or drawings, the search for an ideal paper can take weeks. Hopefully our own search through the world of papers will save you time and give you some good ideas.


We test with the eye and with the feel of the paper in the hand. An art print is to be appreciated with both the sense of touch and the visual appeal.


The paper which has won the touch test is Futura Laser, from Consolidated Papers, provided courtesy of Unisource (a nationwide paper distributor).


Part of the paper test is to have everyone in the office analyze the prints themselves. Anyone who walks in the door is also administered a test. The clear winner in the touch test is Futura Laser, by Consolidated. As one of my staff said, "Once you have had a piece of Futura Laser in your hand, nothing else seems adequate."


I must admit that I had never previously held a piece of Futura Laser paper in my hand. Like so many other professors and desktop publishers, I made do with what was provided by the college, university, or museum repro shop, or what I could find at Office Depot.


But then I began doing personal investigation, starting at a national paper organization conference in Orlando. Here Mike Glynn, Consolidated Papers, took the time to teach me about laser paper and printing equipment. What an eye-opening session.


While on the subject of laser printing, you ought to check out the bible on this subject, "Laser Printer Secrets" by Steven Burrows,


Once you have all your paper nicely printed, how can you bind it for distribution? Check out Ibico equipment, available from Baudville , or from Highsmith.


Other suppliers and distributors include Keysan, Office Zone


Another desktop binding system is available from Spiral Binding Company.


Plenty of systems available, try out Rilecart wire binding system.


Renz combi wire binding system is another.


If you don't want to bind in-house, you can send your work out to Rasch Graphic Services Corporation - a bookbindery offering full service perfect binding, saddle stitching, plastic coil, wire-o, gbc, folding and all the extras.























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